Level 1: Introduction to the Sociology of Islam

Time limit: 365 days
10 credits

£400 Enrol

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This course introduces sociological phenomenon and concepts to students and in turn traces the development of various trends in Islam through a sociological lens. From pre-modern(ist) reform movements, the recent Islamic ‘resurgence’, up to contemporary forms of Islamic spirituality. The evolution of modern and contemporary Muslim thought and practice, will be discussed. Emphasis will be placed on social and intellectual challenges faced by Muslims today, such as the question of Islam and gender, the situation of Muslims living in the West, and the relationship between Islam and democracy.

This class begins with weekly lessons from Wednesday 13th September at 8pm UK time. Students wishing to join the course live should ensure they have access to Microsoft Teams.


Lesson Breakdown

Lesson 1      Introduction

Lesson 2      What is Sociology/Anthropology

Lesson 3      Social Psychology and (Modern) Empiricism

Lesson 4      What is Sociology of Religion?

Lesson 5      What is Sociology of Islam?

Lesson 6      Scripture in the Modern Muslim World

Lesson 7      Psychology and Emotion

Lesson 8      Islam and Colonialism

Lesson 9      Government and Governance

Lesson 10    Islam and Europe

Lesson 11    Islam in South-East Asia

Lesson 12    Islam in Africa

Lesson 13    Islam and Media

Lesson 14    Gender and Islam

Lesson 15    Economics and Islam

Lesson 16    Islam and Globalisation

Lesson 17    Conclusion


Hours of Study

26 hours


Assessment Methods

Essay (60%)

Learning journal (40%)


Course Instructors

Dr Laurens de Rooij

Dr Laurens de Rooij, PhD (2017), Durham University, is an Associate Lecturer in the Sociology of Islam at Al-Mahdi Institute and a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Chester. He has published widely on sociological issues surrounding Muslims and the media and Muslims in Britain and Europe.