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Level 1: The Philosophy of Rumi

Time limit: 365 days
10 credits

£400 Enrol

Full course description

This course provides an in-depth exploration of the philosophical and mystical teachings of Rumi, the renowned 13th-century Persian poet, jurist, and theologian, with a particular focus on the insights and perspectives presented by Professor Gholamreza Aavani in his book Rumi: A Philosophical Study. Through a comprehensive analysis of Rumi's poetry and philosophical works, students will gain a profound understanding of his perspectives on love, devotion, unity, and the path to spiritual awakening, as interpreted and elucidated by Professor Aavani. The course also examines the influence of Rumi's philosophy, on subsequent generations and its relevance in contemporary thought.


Lesson Breakdown

Lesson 1      Glorification of Beings

Lesson 2      The Human Reality

Lesson 3      The Human Being (continued)

Lesson 4      The Human Spirit and the Animal Spirit

                    The Human Heart

Rumi and Divine Love 

Lesson 5      Rumi and Divine Love (continued)

                    The Meaning and Reality of Love

                    God as Absolute Love

                    Phenomenal Love

                    Cosmic Love

                    Who is a Lover?

                    The Friends of God

                    Respect and Reverence for the Friends of God

                    The Friends of God, the Knowers of Divine Mysteries

                    The Friends of God, Like Water, Purify what is Impure

Lesson 6      Medical Physicians and Spiritual Physicians

                    The Spiritual Master

Lesson 7      Universal Reason, Intellect, and Knowledge in Rumi’s Thought

                    Reason and Faith

                    Different Levels and Kinds of Intellect in Rumi’s Thought

                    Some Moral Virtues in the Mathnawi

                    The Reward of Our Actions

                    Always Tell the Truth

                    One Should Guard One’s Tongue

                    Generosity and Magnanimity

                    Spiritual Self-Exertion

                    Spiritual Companionship

                    The Dangers of Bad Friends

                    The Advisability of Taking and Giving Counsel

Lesson 8      True Meaning and Outward Form


Hours of Study

13 hours


Assessment Method

Commentary exercise (100%)


Course Instructor

Professor Gholamreza Aavani (Lecturer)

Gholamreza Aavani is an Iranian philosopher and emeritus professor of philosophy at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran. A former head of the Institute for Research in Philosophy, Aavani is a member of the Academy of Sciences of Iran and a steering committee Member of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies. He has also served as the Kenan Rifai Distinguished Professor of Islamic Studies at Beijing University, China, and as a research fellow at Al-Mahdi Institute.


Professor Ali Fanaei (Tutor)

Professor Ali Fanaei completed seventeen years of study in the seminary of Qom. During this time, he also completed an MA in Islamic Theology at the University of Qom. He then went on to complete and MPhil and a PhD the epistemic justification of moral beliefs at the University of Sheffield. At Al-Mahdi Institute, he is a Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies and is also a Professor of Philosophy at Mofid University in Qom. Professor Fanaei is also a prominent public intellectual in Iran and has written widely on topics pertaining to ethics, philosophy, theology, and jurisprudence.