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Level 1: Introduction to the Nahj al-balāgha

Time limit: 365 days
10 credits

£400 Enrol

Full course description

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This course introduces students to the academic study of Nahj al-balāgha. After historically contextualising the text, it will analyse specific sermons, letters, and maxims to acquaint students with the spiritual and moral teachings of Imām ʿAlī (ع). Through a close reading of the text, students will learn the skills that are necessary for the proper translation and interpretation of Nahj al-balāgha.


Lesson Breakdown

Lesson 1      Introduction to course, why this text is important, authenticity of the text, understanding the meaning of the text, the purpose with which to study the text

Lesson 2      Structure of the text, various themes in the text.

Theme of this course: Morality and moral philosophy

General introduction to the theme of morality

Lesson 3      Imām ʿAlī’s theory in normative ethics, epistemic virtues/vices and theological virtues in the text.

Characteristics of the virtue ethics in the text

Lesson 4      Imām ʿAlī’s conception of piety – Khuṭbat al-muttaqīn (attributes 1-4)

Lesson 5      Khuṭbat al-muttaqīn (attributes 5-6)

Lesson 6      Khuṭbat al-muttaqīn (attribute 7)

Lesson 7      Khuṭbat al-muttaqīn (attributes 8-16)

Lesson 8      Khuṭbat al-muttaqīn (attributes 17-18)

Lesson 9      Khuṭbat al-muttaqīn (attributes 19-24)

Lesson 10    Khuṭbat al-muttaqīn (attributes 25-29)

Lesson 11    Khuṭbat al-muttaqīn (attributes 28-29)

Imām ʿAlī’s letter 53 to Mālik al-Ashtar, saying 55 on patience

Lesson 12    Khuṭbat al-muttaqīn (attribute 30)

Lesson 13    Khuṭbat al-muttaqīn (attributes 31-37)

Lesson 14    Conception of heaven and hell and nature of real enemy in the eyes of the pious

Imām ʿAlī’s prescription for having a good life

Khuṭbat al-muttaqīn (attributes 38-41)

Lesson 15    Khuṭbat al-muttaqīn (attribute 42)

Lesson 16    Khuṭbat al-muttaqīn (attributes 42-48)

Lesson 17    Khuṭbat al-muttaqīn (attributes 49-57)

Lesson 18    Khuṭbat al-muttaqīn (attributes 58-67)


Hours of Study

9 hours


Assessment Method

Oral exam (100%)


Course Instructor

Dr Ali Fanaei