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Level 4: Jurisprudence 9: Criminal Law and Punishment is a Course

Level 4: Jurisprudence 9: Criminal Law and Punishment

Time limit: 365 days
10 credits

£400 Enrol

Full course description

As a registered charity, we charge course fees to cover our running costs. However, we aim to make our education accessible to as many people as possible and are therefore able to offer a 65% fee waiver. To make use of this fee waiver, please use the code AMI65 when purchasing your courses.

Students in need of further financial assistance should contact the education team at to enquire about the possibility of further fee waivers. 


This course will provide students with extensive knowledge about the juristic process of deriving rulings regarding criminal law (ḥudūd). The course will familiarise the students with the language and terminology employed by classical jurists in the process of juristic inference (al-fiqh al-istidlālī) and will encourage critical analysis of how these rulings relate to the contemporary period.


Please note, this course is taught live and is available upon request. If you are interested in taking this course, please contact the Education Manager at